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When facing criminal charges, the possibility of a criminal record, prison, jail, large fines and/or probation are all frightening prospects. Choosing the right lawyer is among the most important decisions you will make. You need to be confident that your attorney will faithfully act in your best interests and provide you with all of the information you need in order to make educated decisions. It is important that you choose an attorney who knows the law, and knows how to win.

The Law Offices of Darren Lee Umphrey brings a blend of criminal trial experience together in one firm.


Darren Lee Umphrey is a former Chief Felony Prosecutor with the Criminal District Attorney's Office. He has extensive jury trial experience, and knows, from his experience as a prosecutor, exactly how the state intends to pursue its case against you.

The government agency prosecuting you has virtually limitless resources at their disposal. At The Law Offices of Darren Lee Umphrey, we use the most advanced methods available to assist in your defense.

The combination of our access to the latest legal research tools, highly skilled investigators, established experts, and the earned respect of prosecutors and judges will assure you that you have hired the right defense attorney.

When choosing a lawyer, do not be persuaded by promises or exaggerations of success. Likewise, do not be dismayed by forecasts of impending doom.

We believe that you hire us to give you upfront, honest, and realistic advice. Every criminal case presents a unique set of facts and potential consequences. When you hire The Law Offices of Darren Lee Umphrey, we will listen to you and tailor your defense to your individual circumstances.

Darren Lee Umphrey has successfully defended a vast assortment of serious criminal cases including Engaging in Organized Crime, Racketeering, Possession of Drugs and other Controlled Substances, Narcotics sales, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Kidnapping among other crimes throughout the State of Texas including Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas.


Our office is the perfect fit for the discriminating client who is result oriented. We are successful in what we do and are thankful to those clients, attorneys and judges who continue to refer people such as yourself to our office.

We handle all levels and types of state criminal cases. A lawyer is available to speak with you by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Proudly, The Law Offices of Darren Lee Umphrey is a Martindale Hubbell rated Law Firm.

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The Law Offices of Darren Lee Umphrey represents clients in Texas including the areas of New Braunfels, San Marcos, and throughout Comal County, Hays County and Guadalupe County in matters of criminal law.

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